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When Autonomous Cars Will Be On the Road

Researches point out that traditional cars are most likely to be replaced by better and saferhmjgm,j alternatives, the autonomous cars. These highly expected cars are the intelligent species capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input and involvement. They make use of cutting edge technology such as lidar, radar, GPS and computer vision to sense their surroundings. Advanced control systems makes it possible to interpret the acquired sensor data to detect obstacles and to identify an appropriate navigation path.

These cars will change the traditional transportation system in the near future. Fewer traffic collisions, increased roadway capacity, higher speed limits, alleviation of parking scarcity, reduced car theft, smoother and more comfortable ride are the potential advantages of these vehicles.

But the real question is: when these cars will be on the road? Well, the answer is that they are closer than you think. “In the next five years, you’ll see somebody introduce autonomous cars” these were the exact words of Ford CEO Mark Fields to the press at CES. If this manufacturer giant claims to make this technology

How to safe for the car driving

Auto Car Window Tinting
Auto Car Window Tinting

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Automotive Window Tinting
Automotive Window Tinting

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Does Your Car Need Transmission Repair

Your car is something you need to get you to and from work, school, and to run dailygfngfngn errands. For this reason, you want to make sure it is always mechanically sound. You may take it in often for an oil change and new tires, but when your transmission begins to fail, you want to know what is happening so you can get your auto fixed quickly. Learn the signs of failure, so you can get transmission repair performed as soon as possible.

Issues Shifting Gears

If you drive a manual vehicle, you will notice troubles shifting gears as you drive. You could have a problem as simple as low fluids or a sign of larger issue on your hands. If you find yourself unable to shift into the gear you want, particularly when your vehicle is stopped, your transmission may not be in top working order. You may also notice an odd egg-like odor coming from within your vehicle as it begins to fail. These are very noticeable signs that you need to see a mechanic right away to

Buying Used Auto Parts

Buying used auto parts is usually an inexpensive alternative to buying new auto parts fromgmhmhm your local car parts retailer or an on-line store. It may take some time and creativity to find the exact part, so be patient as there are many different ways to accomplish this goal. But, they fall into three basic approaches: junk yards, classified ads and on-line stores. Let’s look at each one.

Junk Yards

There is usually one part of the city where most of the salvage yards are located. These yards often sell used auto parts for low prices if you are able to remove the needed part yourself from one of their wrecked cars or trucks. And, you will need your own tools. Each junk yard is different so be flexible and be prepared to negotiate as you may be able to purchase whole assemblies as well as a series of parts. Call in advance about pricing and car/part availability. Lastly, you should verify the terms and conditions of the sale and any return policy. Not everything goes as planned.

Classified Ads

Traditionally, used auto parts could be

Preparing Your Car for Winter Driving

Preparing your car for winter is the best way to prepare yourself for the challenges of winter gdngfnmgdriving. From your car not wanting to start on a frigid morning, to lacking the traction you need to maintain control on the road, you can find yourself even more frustrated if you’re not taking the extra steps to help you get your vehicle ready for the winter.

Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter

There are several ways you can prepare according to the Car Care Council, a consumer education program that encourages car owners to “Be Car Care Aware.”

  1. Check your battery. Cold weather is not a friend of your battery, so make sure that you have your battery and charging system checked and ready to go before the temperature dips.
  2. Make sure your cooling system is filled with antifreeze. Every two years, you should also have the system flushed out and refilled with new antifreeze.
  3. Verify that your wiper blades work properly and are sharp enough to handle winter snow and slush. Make sure to have a jug of spare windshield washer solution in your trunk.
  4. Test your heater and

Benefit of air compressor filters

Surely some of you are already familiar with a tool called a compressor. Compressor is a device that is often used in daily life. Compressor is a mechanical device that is used to compress the gas or air so it has a higher pressure. Compressor function is to raise the pressure of a gas. The gas pressure can be increased by reducing its volume. When the volume is reduced, its pressure rises. In industry, the use of the compressor is very important, both as a producer of compressed air or as a set of machines. The compressor is widely used for pneumatic machines, while being one with the machine is a gas tubin, engine coolant and others. One of the important components of the compressor is the air compressor filters. The air filter is a device used to filter air from the engine compressor unit to produce air that is free of dew water for consumption and work Painting piston hydraulic equipment, air die grinder, orbital sander. The air filter is needed by the compressor, to prevent wear on the compressor and also in direct contact with the product. Filters are usually located in

Tips for Negotiating With Car Dealers

Negotiating with car dealers can be a daunting and intimidating task; however, if you wanthjmghmh to get the best deal possible on your new ride you should know some negotiation basics. This article features six helpful tips for getting a good price.

Know your limit

You should already know your highest offer before you visit any car dealers, and once negotiations reach your limit, don’t budge. If the dealer can meet your price, they’ll sell to you. Don’t be offended if your offer is turned down. It’s nothing personal, salesmen also set limits during a negotiation and their goal is to turn a profit. If you’re unsuccessful at one dealership, simply move on to another.

Negotiate selling price, not monthly payments

While you’ll probably end up financing your vehicle, make sure you negotiate in terms of its overall price. You need to know exactly how much expense you’re committing to, despite how much nicer those monthly costs sound. When your salesman asks you about your budget for monthly payments, just indicate that you prefer to negotiate the selling price. Focusing on total costs will actually help

4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Cars Running Over 100000 Miles

When they’ve just been acquired from a dealership, new vehicles usually run very smooth, gkj,jthe engine giving everything it has throughout the RPM range, shocks are nicely absorbed by the struts and coils wrapped into the suspension mechanism, and fuel consumption sticks to the data found on the brochure. However as years pass, cars tend to grow old just like we do; components start to gain wear and perform with reduced efficiency.

Still, in the same way we take care of our bodies in order to live past the average life expectancy number, proper maintenance can keep a vehicle rolling the tarmac for years and thousands of miles. Here are 4 key maintenance elements to consider if you want your vehicle to run more than 100,000 miles.

  1. Oil, Fluids and Filters

In order to run, a car needs fuel. Also, it needs to breathe and to provide minimum friction for the inner dynamic components of the engine. That is why replacing fluids and filters and respecting maintenance intervals are a critical step in ensuring an extended lifetime for any

Five Factors That Affect Oil Change Intervals

Because modern vehicles are stronger, cleaner, and more durable than those of yesteryear,hl;o;i; most automotive experts believe that changing motor oil every 3,000 miles is overkill. Depending on the make and model, some cars and trucks can safely travel upwards of 5,000 miles between changes. Car owners’ manuals are starting to reflect this growing consensus with longer oil change intervals. There are, however, exceptions that may affect manufacturer’s recommendations. Here are five of them.

  1. Hard Driving

Almost as important as the actual mileage is the type of driving an owner does regularly. If he uses the car or truck to tow a trailer or pull heavy loads, that will invariably put more stress on the engine, causing it to operate at higher temperatures. Because extreme heat destroys the lubricating ability of oil through excessive oxidation, it will need to be switched out more often. In addition to towing heavy loads, driving on bumpy, unpaved road surfaces often puts more stress on the motor, causing it to run hotter than it normally would.

  1. Environment

For obvious reasons, higher engine temps are more likely when it’s warm

How to Bargain With an Auto Dealer

You’ve made the decision to buy a new or used car, awesome! What’s next? You’ll need tohmhgm find a car that fits your needs and budget. Often times at dealerships, looks can be deceiving. The sticker says one amount, but auto dealers may have a different price in mind. Just because the window has a figure on it, doesn’t mean that’s what you should pay. Here’s some things to keep in mind when you’re heading out to car shop.

Do your research. It’s the most important step when making such a large investment. You’ll want to research the safety and fuel efficiency ratings. Has the vehicle won any awards or had a recall? Will this car require a lot of maintenance? What is included in the manufacturer’s warranty? Already have a make and model in mind? Find out what was the best year for that make and, if you’re buying used, make a list of things to check on the vehicle.

After you do your own research, if you still aren’t comfortable with so much information, bring a knowledgeable friend or family member. Bringing a friend can provide

Autonomous Cars Concepts

An autonomous car is an independent vehicle capable of fulfilling the transportation gfnmhfmhcapabilities of a standard car on its own by navigating and sensing the environment without any human intervention or input.
They use techniques such as computer vision, lidar, GPS and radar to sense their surroundings. The sensory information is then interpreted using advanced control systems in order to identify appropriate paths for navigation, relevant signals and any obstacles. This implies that they always update their sensory information based on sensory input making them able to detect their positions even when they enter into undocumented areas or even when the conditions change.

The automotive industry is on the brink of a major transformation as various car concepts hits the streets of various cities. The artificial intelligence used by them is changing the relationship between the driver, the car and future transportation. The technology used in these cars shifts the various roles which initially performed by humans to be performed by the car.

From Google self-driving car, Volvo autonomous vehicle, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, LUTZ Pathfinder to the recent unveiled Nissan IDS concepts, and Honda, Apple and General Motors already

An Overview of Apple Car

The world is on the edge waiting for the enormous innovation by Apple, and gossip isgngfmnhm floating around that they are working on an autonomous car, the Apple car. Nobody appears to know if it is only rumours or if Apple is truly hiring engineers for an autonomous undertaking. Apple never stops to astound the world.

Possibly the Apple car will make deals for other car brands, however it is the time to truly determine if Apple is a genuine danger to the other brands. A few organizations are normally stressed, however a huge name, Mercedes, has not yet express their reasons for alarm about the new Apple car, and the industry needs to know why. According to Fortune Dieter, head of Mercedes-Benz the company doesn’t fear the thought of an Apple car in light of the fact that it is simply one more type of rivalry. Organizations improves when they have serious rivalry, and that is the thing that makes an industry effective.

Growing industries are awesome news for the nation in light of the fact that it implies

A Car Dealership Is More Than Just A Seller

The present franchised car dealership business model has profited buyers, manufacturers,gfnmhmhm and resident populations for nearly 100 years. It is sustained by both dealers and manufacturers as the finest and most effective way to buy, sell, service, and finance cars in the marketplace. The National Automobile Dealers Association’s “Get the Facts” sets the record straight about how the franchise method benefits shoppers all over America.

Cars are relatively costly and multifaceted, and customers rely on car dealership employees to help when they are interested in buying a vehicle. Their goal is to sell cars that meet the demands of their customers. Their primary goal is to sell vehicles, but to be effective in the public, dealers also help their local communities in various ways.


Local and nationwide charities benefit greatly from dealer participation. This allows them to capitalize on meeting with new potential customers, but more importantly, it allows the dealer to contribute to the goodwill of the community. By donating money and time, the merchant becomes a vital part of the community, not just a vendor.

Community outreach opportunities are everywhere. Medical not-for-profit foundations

Car Body Types Explained

Most of us don’t buy new cars all that often, so it’s no surprise that some people getgfnhn confused over the descriptions of the various types of cars that are available on the market. Most of the terms used to describe a type of car refer to its body shape, rather than its performance, or other features. If you are thinking of buying a new car, then arm yourself with the facts before you hit the showrooms with this simple and easy to follow guide to the various types of cars and their body shapes.


A sedan, which is sometimes called a saloon, is the standard passenger car that has a bonnet at the front, a boot for luggage in the back, and usually four doors. This is one of the most popular types of car and they are ideal for families, as they usually seat four or five people comfortably.


Hatch-backs are the types of cars that have no rear boot, but they have a rear compartment that can be accessed via a door that swings open at the back. The other feature

Tips On How To Recondition Your Rechargeable Batteries

In today’s society we spend a lot of money on batteries. Whether they be of the non-gnhmhmrechargeable type or the rechargeable type. Lets face it batteries are a very important part of how we do things and when they break down they cost money to replace. This is very evident when the battery dies in our laptop or smart phone. Have you ever tried to replace these batteries. What about that lead acid battery in you car or truck? Not only do you have to buy a replacement battery, but you may also end up paying somebody to replace it. With this in mind have you thought about reconditioning these batteries, instead of replacing them? Here are a number of tips describing how reconditioning the various batteries we use in our daily life can be achieved.

  1. Lead Acid Battery– This is the type of battery is found in your car or truck. They have an indicator built into them to tell use when the battery is good or bad. When the indicator circuit tells us the battery is in poor condition we know it is time to replace it.

These Bold and Beautiful Diesel Cars Are Too Good to Resist

In recent times, vehicle owners have been exhibiting their penchant for diesel cars. bjm.,k.kManufacturers are also pushing the envelope and trying to bring enhanced features in their vehicles to match the requirements of customers. Apart from mileage and price, vehicle owners are also on the lookout for an upscale build with ravishing exteriors and interiors. Below is an insight on the most popular diesel powered cars which are revered for their exquisite body styles, and offer a tempting

Mahindra Bolero

The Bolero, the flagship SUV of Mahindra & Mahindra, has bagged the title of the highest selling SUV in the country for the last several years. Launched in the year 2000, the company has been improvising the model to incorporate additional features to suit the contemporary lifestyle and expectations of its customers. When it comes to appearance and feel, the sturdy Bolero is second to none. With remoteless key entry, attractive headlamps, stylish dashboard, classy steering wheel, integrated digital display, and various other plush features, this car is surely a treat to the eyes.

Mahindra Scorpio

In order to compete with the likes of the

Common Auto Repair Mistakes to Avoid

If you are planning on doing any auto repairs on your own probably because you want tohfmhgmhmjk, save money or that you consider yourself a handy person, there are a couple of things you should beware of to avoid common mistakes. DIY repairs have their own fair of challenges. You’re less likely to do the job as meticulously as a professional would but sometimes it’s worth a try.

But in the interest of saving you a couple of dollars, let’s look at some common things to avoid when performing auto repairs on your own.

Failing to know what you can and cannot do

Here’s the thing, not all auto repairs can be converted to DIY projects. There are some repairs that must be handled by a professional because not only are they potentially dangerous but also do require a high level of skill and experience to be done right. For instance, replacing your windshield, swapping a transmission or changing your brake pads are tasks you would want to leave to a professional. It’s not worth risking potential injury and spending your time and money only to require

Why You Shouldnt Let Your Car Go Without an Oil Change This Winter

Want to extend the life of your vehicle? Make it run faster? Improve its performance? You’ve gdngfngjkjcome to the right place! You don’t have to be an auto technician to understand the many benefits of getting an oil change this winter. You’ve probably been told that you should change the oil in your vehicle every three months or once you’ve passed so many miles. But getting an oil change during the winter can be extremely beneficial, especially if your car becomes a little temperamental during this time of the year. Here are three benefits of having your oil changed by a professional.

  1. Remove debris

Dirt, debris, and general grime can quickly build up in your engine, and this can cause damage to your vehicle over time if it’s not sorted – especially if you drive in dusty conditions. The solution? Get your oil changed! Removing and cleaning the filters will protect your car’s engine and improve its performance in a few simple steps that won’t break the bank. It’s something that needs to be done!

  1. Protect the safety of you and your family

Auto Repair and Maintenance Tips

Auto repair costs can really put a damper on your budget. However, there are easy ways toHGM,H,MJH keep your car running smoothly so you can stay out of the body shop. Frequently changing your fluids, keeping up with routine maintenance, and driving safely can prolong the life of your vehicle. There are also a few unexpected things you can do that will help keep your car chugging along into old age. Here are three tips you’ve never heard of that will help you maintain your car’s performance.

Don’t Drive

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, huh? It’s pretty simple: the more you use something, the more wear and tear it will receive. The same goes for your car. Unless you’re a car collector, you probably won’t be able to completely avoid using your car. But it’s still good to give it an occasional break by using alternative modes of transportation, like biking, walking, or public transit. This will keep the car in the garage and reduce your trips to the auto repair shop.

Keep That Garage Cool